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    Why Aurexia?

    Founded in 2006, AUREXIA is a business management consulting firm, committed to helping clients within the financial services industry achieve substantial and lasting improvements in their organizations. We are a living space where consultants can develop their skills and experiences in a very conducive environment:

    • International mobility, with multi-cultural teams
    • Campus Management, to help students step into the corporate world
    • CSR Policy, with true actions involving all staff
    • Staff care, with diversity and comfort for all
    • HR Digital, along with a transparent feedback culture and tools
    • Fun time, of course
    • Consultant contribution in R&D groups, such as Institute and FinLab
    • Training programmes, to grow and learn fast


    International mobility

    Aurexia now has 7 offices: Paris, Nantes, London, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Montreal. This development responds to the needs of our clients’ international activities and the implementation of major mutualization projects in Europe and Asia. Our local offices enable us to support our clients as closely as possible in their transformation projects within financial services. The opportunities for international mobility are therefore numerous at Aurexia.


    Campus management

    During the past few years, Aurexia has developed several partnerships with different French business schools and universities – EM Lyon, Dauphine, ESCP, La Sorbonne, IESEG, Skema. We have a 100% conversion rate of our intern-analysts as we support talents that were recruited during our “Meet the team” events.



    CSR policy

    Aurexia implements a robust growth strategy, seamlessly incorporating the complexities of corporate social responsibility and demonstrating unwavering dedication to its entire spectrum of stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, suppliers, subcontractors. This commitment extends to respecting diverse cultures and safeguarding the environment across all the countries where Aurexia operates. 

    To earn the trust of its partners and drive positive change, Aurexia anchors itself in six fundamental values: Respect, Team Spirit, Knowledge Sharing, Business Expertise, Quality, and Creativity. By emphasizing the behaviors and skills that embody these values, Aurexia ensures their pervasive integration within every employee. 



    Staff care

    At Aurexia, we are committed to upholding the respect of every gender, nationality and race. We are actively promoting diversity, as illustrated by hiring more than fifteen different nationalities at Aurexia.


    HR digital

    We have implemented a Feedback culture by utilizing the latest digital tools and applications. All consultants have the opportunity to get feedback on their performance, and also give feedback to others. This provides transparency and allows continuous appraisals to be given by managers, coaches and seniors.


    Fun time

    We have multiple events that illustrate the fun time at Aurexia. For example, the annual seminar where all employees are invited to a secret destination for 3 days of team building: Lapland, Morocco, Moscow, Lisbon, London, Budva, Valencia. Additionally, we frequently hold sports activities (Urban foot, 10 km from Paris or London…), monthly football evenings and more.


    Consultant contribution in R&D

    To bring value to our clients, we believe that our consultants need to get involved in our research and development structures: AUREXIA Institute (Banking and regulatory), AUREXIA Practices, AUREXIA FinLab. Consultants have the opportunity work and learn on our clients challenges and can also share these insights directly to the clients.


    Training programmes

    Knowledge sharing is one of the 6 core values at AUREXIA.
    Our training programme is adapted to each grade of consultant.
    The consultant Training journey is made of Banking Businesses, Methodologies, Soft skills, Digital, Consulting/Project Management.
    Sessions are both physical and digital (webinars) so everyone can attend despite potential client constraints.

    Grade mobility

    At Aurexia, everyone is unique. However, as an overview of the promotion schema, these are the average lengths for each grade:

    • Analyst : 0-1 year
    • Consultant : 1-4 years
    • Senior Consultant : 3-6 years
    • Manager : 6-10 years
    • Senior Manager : > 8 years
    • Director & Partner : > 10 years

    What kind of jobs

    Due to its focus on Business Consulting, Aurexia leads high value projects within its clients. Among the most frequent topics:

    • Launch of New Product/Services
    • Strategic plan review
    • Target Operating Model
    • Process review and design
    • Migrations
    • Innovation projects, related with Digital technologies (RPA, Ai, Blockchain, DataViz, Data Intelligence…)
    • Compliance and regulatory impacts
    • Benchmark studies


    Aurexia Identity

    To make this story work with our consultants and our clients, we have based our model on a series of 6 strong values :

    RESPECT, between senior and junior, between men and women, between all nationalities within the firm

    TEAM SPIRIT, we are always stronger when getting together to reach an ambition, Team is fun

    KNOWLEDGE SHARE, information is worth only if shared, all opportunities are good to learn from others, digital tools must be used to enhance it

    BUSINESS EXPERTISE, to differ from other companies, we constantly have to bring our banking/insurance expertise (besides consulting skills) and continue to have this business culture grow inside the firm, through our R&D workgroups

    QUALITY, because our committment and exigence is key to our reputation, quality is the first criteria in our clients requirements

    INNOVATION, each new week is different and must be a land of new ideas, innovation insights must be brought to the client

    Join us

    • Paris
    • Luxembourg
    • Hong-Kong
    • London
    • Singapore

    Join us at Aurexia

    All our job offers

    Tips and candidate journey

    How to succeed your interviews at Aurexia?

    1 – Be yourself

    2 – Showcase what drives and motivates you as an individual

    3 – Explain why you chose to work with us and why Financial Services?

    4 – Be honest

    Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

    • We will not ask the classic and boring question “3 qualities / 3 weaknesses” but rather, we will analyze your soft and hard skills
    • The must? Find concrete examples in your experience of actions which reflect our values
    • During the case study interview, we will analyze your ability on reasoning and delivery

    Be prepared and organized

    • Do your due diligence and research
    • Be equiped (resume, notebook…)
    • Respect the dress code
    • Ask questions

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