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Aurexia Finlab

Our Finance & innovation LAB, from research to client implementation.

With a strong focus on the digital and innovative ecosystem, AUREXIA FINLAB has been designed to bring value to clients through a Business Innovation strategy. Our programs are designed such that banks are at their best when we bring them comparative advantages combined with our latest digital and innovative offering. We provide you with the latest Use Cases, RPA/EPA knowledge, skills, digital culture, design approach and events to bring you closer to the digital world. Check out our FINLAB capabilities below!


Assignments in the digital space


CIB Process Benchmarking - RPA Eligibility

For one of our major CIB client in Hong Kong, Aurexia was assigned the task to select 10 processes (out 400) to automate in priority.


Chatbot Development - AI Technology

Aurexia created an intelligent matching engine which helped with the matching of investors’ strategies and debt insurances. Through a NLP technology based chatbot, Investors and Issuers profiles are being completed through interactive sessions


Robots Conception and Implementation

Aurexia has produced many functionable RPA robots for different clients by leveraging on the partnership of RPA vendors (Workfusion, Contextor, Blueprism, Automation Anywhere, UIPath…).


Creation of an Innovation Centre - Compliance Focused

AUREXIA framed and piloted a “smart automation” program for the Compliance Department of a major French bank. This predominantly digital mission was the opportunity to move to the industrial stage of many KYC / AML initiatives based on RPA and AI


RPA initiatives – Group level

Aurexia was assigned to support the global organization of a major CIB bank particularly to assess, cover and monitor all of its ROA initiatives.

Our streams

01 . Fintech Ecosystem


Watch – Collaborate – Incubate

  • A comprehensive Fintechs database grouped by technology, region and business applications
  • Close collaboration with 12 Fintechs
  • Fintech Strategy
  • Investments in start-ups
  • Fintech Awards organization
  • Hotline requests for clients

02 . Use Cases, Studies and Credentials


Identify – Study – Prove

  • Identification of over 100 use cases on business lines within the financial services
  • Approach based on AUREXIA assignements and benchmarks
  • Allocation of UC with Fintech solutions
  • Hotline requests for clients
  • Benchmarks, surveys, studies

03 . Vendors


Partner – Train – Play

  • RPA Hackatons
  • DataViz Academy
  • Training programmes with our partners
  • Benchmarks based on technical and functional capabilities
  • AUREXIA as a business partner for major vendors

04 . Center of Excellence


Test – Build – Show

  • Centralize all demos (Robots, Chatbots, Videos, apps, tactical tools, MVP...)
  • Physical and Virtual demo capacities
  • Build applications on Sentiment analysis, Blockchain, DataViz, etc.

05 . Skills


Identify – Source – Train

  • Centralization of digital skills amongst AUREXIA consultants
  • Identification of new Digital skills: data scientists/engineers, UX/UI consultants, ML engineers...
  • Train our staff : Design Thinking, Agile methodologies, Data and programmation...
  • Certifications

06 . Digital Culture & Tools


Live – Work – Use digital @aurexia

  • Implement one App each month in our daily processes
  • App for action plan
  • App for multiplex video workgroups
  • App for contacts management
  • App for continuous feedback to consultants
  • App to dynamite meetings management and staff interaction

07 . Transformation Factory


Train – Facilitate – Transform

  • All approaches used in Innovation projects
  • Design Thinking, Design Sprint, UX/UI Design, AGILE
  • Shift from POC to scalable solutions
  • Coach our consultants and Bring value to our clients

08 . Events


Identify – Challenge – Get together

  • Organize events with Fintechs and Clients to enhance mutual knowledge on Digital ecosystem and Use cases
  • Digital Game Customer management Hong Kong and Singapore 2019
  • Digital Games Financial security Paris 2019
  • AI Awards Paris 2018
  • Workfusion Hackaton 2018
  • Insurtech awards, Paris 2017
  • Fintech awards, London 2016

Aurexia news


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