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    Aurexia Operational Excellence

    Aurexia Operational Excellence

    Financial Services Industry is still in a period of deep and urgent transformation, driven mainly by constant pressure on production and operating costs in an increasingly regulated and technologically evolving field. To respond effectively, many institutions are are reviewing their models to build the future aiming for more automation, risk mitigation and innovation.


    Achieving operational excellence requires a focus on :

    • Operational efficiency : manual processing, breaks and irrelevant exceptions along the chains from distribution to production are far from being eradicated. As side effects, it is inducing, among other, an incompressible level of operational risks coming from errors of execution and eventually leading to customer dissatisfaction
    • Improved end-to-end process control : in general terms, Monitoring models offering transparency and precision on business process performance, quality, ESG compliance and the level of residual operational risk are highly perfectible in terms of coverage and exhaustiveness.
    • Effective transformation of value chains : a non-negligeable part of the industry bears the burden of a huge legacy in terms of technologies making complex operating models based on intricate information systems. This is strengthened by heavy costs of maintenance and a poor level of scalability preventing to have from shor release cycle.

    4 axis
    of transformation

    1. Build a strategy and shape the vision : actively contribute to the design of a clear strategy willing to deliver and propagate substainable value chains based on best and standard practices. In one sentence, deliver streamlined processes that evolve over time.
    2. Change operating models to move towards more efficiency and less risks: apply innovative approaches and technologies to make the right diagnostics and feed properly the pipe of coming optimizations and automations
    3. Master value chain with powerful monitoring models : deliver tools and business content to enhance transparency, reinforce the performance measurement culture and underpin continuous improvement at all level.
    4. Enrich business and methodological expertise with the right technologies : create smart access paths to all the new cognitive smart technologies facilitating and accelerating assessments, optimisations and automations designs to deliver more S.M.A.R.T. processes.


    Proven Track Record

    Our mutli-disciplinary dedicated team of business and technical experts spread across all our offices have a proven track records coming from a large spectrum of projects – from ambitious efficiency programs to more located process engineering.

    AUREXIA researches and applies new optimization methodologies underlying new technologies based on internal expertise. We support our clients from POC to industrialization with our software editor partners: CELONIS, Process Engineering leader and UiPATH, leader on Automation platform. But not only.

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