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Compliance functions have struggled these last years with tough regulatory tide. They are now mature to face new challenges. Still, they need to comply with new regulations, but with a stronger governance on projects. Besides, Compliance costs are still very high for the business, for whom the pace of revenues is slowing down. Innovation then is an opportunity to relieve Compliance functions, and to adopt a smarter predictive approach.

Listed below are some of your new challenges:

  1. Protect the bank from non-compliance issues (conduct) and from compliance risks
  2. Manage and advise on all sides of regulatory topics: client protection, professional ethics, KYC, market integrity, fraud prevention…
  3. Partner with regulators…and the business
  4. Design new Operating Models using offshoring, innovation, mutualisation
  5. Identify Digital opportunities to develop smarter and more efficient ways of working


Our consultants have been working at the heart of these transformations and can help you take on these new challenges. Listed below are some of the many expertise Aurexia consultants have to offer but are not limited to:

  1. Business: Design new Operating Models to lower the cost of Compliance processes, Change Management on Conduct projects with regard to market benchmark standards
  2. Process: Setup Regulatory Watch organization, Provision of Benchmarks for Compliance functions across institutions
  3. Regulatory: Remediation plans, Analyse impacts and manage regulatory programmes (MIFID2, IDD, PRIIPS, DGPR, DSP2, AML, KYC, Tax regs, BMR…)
  4. Digital : Advise and implement Ai powered RegTech solutions to reduce the number of false positive alerts, Negative news screening through Data intelligence tools, RPA for KYC workflow processing, Design and implement a Smart Automation Lab at Compliance group level

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