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    Global Transaction Banking

    Global Transaction Banking


    Transaction Banking, as part of the Corporate Banking, is a regular source of revenues for Banks. Streamlining cash management processes, and reducing costs for Trade Finance, while extending the geographical coverage of large corporates remain the major challenges here. Counterparty risks still to be under control.

    Listed below are some of your new challenges:

    1. Optimize the Target operating Model (TOM) for GTB activities
    2. Industrialize platforms
    3. Improve Client experience with the bank
    4. Create innovative products
    5. Adapt GTB governance between business lines
    6. Secure the business services with BCP/resolution plans
    7. Stay compliant


    Our consultants have been working at the heart of these transformations and can help you take on these new challenges. Listed below are some of the many expertise Aurexia consultants have to offer but are not limited to:

    1. Business: Define 3-5 strategic plan for Trade Finance, Supply chain and Cash Management, Design new products and services, Segmentation strategy (VIP / Standards clients)
    2. Process: process reviews, RPA use cases, Target Operating Modelling, Systems migration
    3. Regulatory: AML, KYC, BRR Directive, Operational risks monitoring & prevention, Sanctions screening
    4. Digital : RPA automation opportunities, Data collection and structuration (even unstructured data) for business purposes, Ai Smart algorithms to manage false alerts with efficiency, E-banking as a smart client journey

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