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    Seminar & Cocktail with Aurexia on Artificial Intelligence in finance
    London 2019

    Aurexia hosted its second AI Seminar at Sofitel St James in London, with many thoughtful insights generated throughout the evening by our panel of experts: Pierre Cabannes, Gauthier Rousselet, Janos Barberis and Ulf Clerwall. Many thanks to them for their participation and the quality of their discussions.

    We would also like to thank our partners for their involvement: Sinequa, the French Chamber of Great Britain, CFTE and ESCP Europe.

    Speakers have discussed about how to leverage Artificial Intelligence to improve credit risk management. We explored how to enhance the credit risk rating process and portfolio oversight – notably the 360° analytical tools covering counterparties and sectors that respond to today’s information flow challenges – through a high performance data science solution developed by Sinequa, a software editor specialised in Cognitive Search, using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies.

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