Aurexia Fintech Award 2016

Has your company developed an innovative solution able to disrupt financial business processes and have you designed a solution applicable to Trading Platforms, Post Trade, KYC or Client Distribution?

Come and join the AUREXIA FINTECH AWARDS in London on October 2016 !

AUREXIA FINTECH AWARDS is a fantastic opportunity to pitch your solution to decision makers and innovation directors from the financial services industry.


The AUREXIA FINTECH AWARDS is focused on the CIB environment through 4 categories: Trading platforms, Post trade, KYC & client distribution.

If your company has developed an innovative solution able to disrupt financial business or processes and you have designed a use case applicable for one of these domains, come and join us !

What is it?: IT tools and infrastructures to allow the deployment of the next trading platforms generation.

What are the current challenges?:  Reduce time to process clients’ transactions, so enhance clients’ satisfaction and improving relationships.

                                                                         Improvements on digital exchange, better handle transaction volume of existing exchanges

What are the solutions proposed by Fintechs?:  On the trading platform, there are different solutions:

   Dematerialisation:  to trade on a personal trading platform

   Robot advisors: to propose to the client, using historic needs and market patterns, the best solution for him


What about you? Come and pitch your solution! 

What is it?: The post trade process is an important part of the life cycle of all transactions. It gathers different functions: where the buyer and the seller compare trade details, approve the transaction, change records of ownership etc.

What are the current challenges?:  Long process due  to complicated back office functions

Lack of transparency for regulatory reporting

Clearing not possible without intermediaries

What are the solutions proposed by Fintechs?: The distributed ledger is particularly mature at this stage. It can be used for different steps on the post trade process: execution, settlements, reconciliation, clearing, reporting. Moreover, smart contracts could be also used for automatisation of settlement process.


What about you? Come and pitch your solution!

What is it?: KYC process places the customer at the heart of the organisation ensuring they understand them better and an in turn can service them more effectively.

What are the current solutions?:  Very long process resulting in human errors due to requirement of multiple manual entries

     Negative impact on the transactions slowing down transactions

     Client satisfaction worsening

What are the solutions proposed by Fintechs?: In terms of solutions, the market is quite mature on the KYC process. Regarding the development of Fintechs in this sector, we can identify 3 technology solution area:

  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • SaaS

What about you? Come and pitch your solution!

What is it?: Banks and financial services have to provide a client focused approach. In a competitive environment, designing a personal service adapted on the individual client’s needs is very important.

What are the current challenges?: Know your client and their needs maintaining an intelligent, deep knowledge about them

    Having a global overview of clients and their needs with a unique platform offering a personalised service

What are the solutions proposed by Fintechs?: Concerning the client distribution, lots of global platforms exist. It could be interesting to focus on how the technology can be used to gather all the information from clients through one app or platform. On the other side, we have seen developments for enhancing the traditional CRM.

What about you? Come and pitch your solution! 

Timeline of the Aurexia Fintechs Award


July 15

Fintech Listing

100 European Fintechs will be selected across the 4 categories (KYC, Trading Platform, Post trade and Client Distribution)
July 29


Fintechs can apply through our platform highlighting their company, technology and example of use cases
October 7

Subscription closing

The subscription period will be closed on 2nd of september.
October 14

Fintechs Selection

4 Fintechs per each of the 5 categories will be selected
November 2


A day of presentations in front of an expert panel followed by awards, cocktail & networking


Before 2nd of september 2016, please complete the application found by clicking on the button “Participate now” and for any further information, please contact us at

 After a first selection, you will be invited to participate to the Fintech challenge. You will have 20 minutes to present your company and a specific use-case on how your technology will improve banking operations and how to implement it.

The winner will be entitled with a 20,000£ investment from Aurexia plus a unique opportunity to gain international reputation for your future investors and customers! This event is organised by Aurexia Consulting, a management consultancy specialised in financial services based in London, Paris and Luxembourg.